Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wish it could last, Pretty again, Al Fresco

1. I'm still on an energy boost with the cooler weather.
2. I didn't think the lawn needed mowing because the grass stopped growing for lack of rain. But I wanted to be outside so I mowed anyway. It looks much nicer now that the weeds are cut down to grass level.
3. I take my dinner out to the porch


  1. Ah... wish it could last, too! I'm so looking forward to setting the table on our deck this weekend. With all the rain we've been getting, I think our grass is the greenest I've ever seen it in a dozen years we've been here.

  2. I am playing catch up here this morning Leonora! I've been short on blog reading time this week. What a beautiful graduate! Also loved the picture of Grandma and the little sweetie! I am always amazed at how much feeling you manage to portray with such few words. You are an artist at that! Have a fabulous weekend! xxoo