Friday, June 10, 2011

A fox?, The auctioneer's song, End of the day

1. The mystery animal has the entire household awake at 4 am. Its screeching scream has us peering out different windows, straining our eyes to see something, anything in the blackness. Our search is met with total silence.
2. Tess and I drive over beautiful back roads to a three-day estate auction of our friend's family farm. Pleasant breezes, a tent with chairs, shady lawn and a festive air make a fun morning. Our "winnings" include a large cardboard box full of sheet music for Tess and several pieces of white ironstone for me.
3. After a stifling hot afternoon, the evening cools enough so that I can read on the porch.
4. Matt, in his effort to help us with #1, brings over his trail camera and installs it out back. Any movement will trigger it to snap a photo. For some silly reason, all I can think of are leprechauns or elves being caught with surprised looks on their faces.

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  1. we had a few nights of strange screeching noises last fall. turns out it was a distress call from a raccoon. once the bird feeders were empty and the fruit gone from the trees they moved on and haven't returned. we expected them but so far they haven't come back.