Sunday, March 27, 2011

A winter meal, It's become a routine, A simple, quiet craft

The first application of wax will be the white in the design. The stylus, called a kistka, holds melted beeswax that runs down into the tip.

Heating the kistka in the candle flame to melt the beeswax. The egg has some colors applied and the black wax hasn't been removed yet.

The finished egg with red applied as the final color.

1. A large pot of Pasta Fagioli warms us on a snow-dusted afternoon.
2. One is on the sofa, one is on the recliner and one on the other sofa. One may even be up on her bed. I'm in a chair. Lazy Sunday afternoon and most everyone is napping or reading.
3.With slightly renewed energy, they decide to decorate eggs.


  1. You are so talented. :) I'd like some of that pasta please.

  2. So beautiful Leonora! Sounds a relaxing day and fun too! xxoo

  3. That is beautiful! I haven't done crafts in a long time. Probably since I got addicted to the Internet!

    Pasta fagioli is one of my favorites!