Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Today's view, Her battery is dead, Eats candy and watches soaps

1. The fog closes in and the day becomes more subdued. Woodsmoke scents the air while large, wet snowflakes fall heavily from the mist.
2. Our high school is a 20 mile, round-trip drive over back roads and mountains. I wouldn't say it's convenient, but it is interesting in a scenic way. And a manual transmission is always fun on country roads : ) I drive it twice today.
3. Yesterday, Tess' hair stylist asked me what I'm doing now that Tess is in school and I have all this free time. My mind went blank and I had nothing to give. So, today I printed a daily planner in 15 minute increments and decided to fill it in for one week, to see exactly what do I do all day?


  1. LOL... well I love that image. You live in beautiful countryside.

  2. I have the same problem on #3. I tell folks I'm busy then I blank on "what?"...