Thursday, February 10, 2011

More rest, Water-colored raincoats, Trusting- he's usually right

1. They have closed school today (??). A. and T. are slowly recovering from the flu and this gives them a chance to sleep the day away without feeling like they are missing any more school work.
2. The store clerks are unpacking boxes of spring clothing and setting up new displays. Oh, it's a happy, pretty-colored sight!
3. I cringed as Steve measured water into the paint. (We were having issues with the paint being too thick to properly spray.) This all seemed so wrong, to water down the paint, but it worked! I'm back in business and the job will be finished by the weekend.


  1. Oh my goodness, everyone has the flu! All my friends in all different states are complaining about it. Hope everyone feels better.

    All the house-fixing we do, I was thinking of buying a paint sprayer. Are they worth it?

  2. Yes, so much illness going around; it's sad. I see you have four daughters, aren't they wonderful? I have one daughter, one granddaughter and one great little one who thinks she's grown. :)