Thursday, February 17, 2011

Can it be?, Keeping in good company, Our sweet fix

1. It reached 72° so we went out with no jackets! It felt like we were getting away with something we shouldn't be doing.
2. The simple joys of life through a toddler's eyes: Tearing up dead leaves produces waterfalls of giggles, cruising in the seat of a shopping cart is worthy of squealing laughter, saying, "Yum" a lot while you eat, and chattering to yourself while riding in the car. Life is pretty,darn good!
3. These cookies are one of our favorites. They are so huge, you only need to eat one. *I reduce the salt by 1/2 teaspoon.


  1. sounds like a perfect day. We had a glorious weather day too..and today is looking like it won't disappoint. :-)

  2. Figures we'd be raining when everyone else is gloriously sunny and 72. I am glad though!

    I love "waterfalls of giggles" oh that one is going into the treasure box of my memory for a good use some day. Such a picture you paint! Now off to checking out your recipe...