Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ready for notes, Allowed out, She'll let it out tomorrow when it snows

1. We have a little, metal pencil sharpener that hones my pencil to a perfect point. A pencil like this makes writing a pleasure.
2. Henri and I resumed our daily walk today. We were both eager to stretch and breath some fresh air, so we went a little farther this time.
3. The day is a monotone gray. There is no movement in the air, and the fields and woods are very quiet. Mother Nature is holding her breath.


  1. I also write with a pencil in my journal book, though not as often as I'd like. The feeling I get when the tip travels across the page and make that faint scratching sound is so soothing. The magic of words appear on paper awes me.

  2. This probably sounds silly but I passed you an award. If you are not into that, don't worry as I won't be offended. But though it took me weeks to acknowledge it, it was fun writing about some of the answers in the end. Also give me a few more days to think about the next post. :)