Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just up the road, How could I forget about these?, Yes, I admit to watching...

1. B. and I haven't had time to visit since the holidays, so I was excited about having a date for coffee and a chance to catch up. I arrived shortly after 10 to a beautifully set table, baked treats and a fire in the hearth. Three cups of coffee and five hours later, I reluctantly pulled myself away to head home. A sweet, indulgent way to spend this day.
2. I found Claire's Christening gown, packed away in the trunk since 1985. I haven't checked it in all these years and I was surprised to find the knitted sweater set that I had forgotten about. I was most pleased to see that these pure white items had not stained. I will take them with me to Raleigh this weekend for Mari to use when she is Christened.
3. Tess and I have been watching the beginning episodes of American Idol. I must say that Steven Tyler cracks us up. His sort of crazy, creepy, rock star image is softened when he leans over to Randy and whispers, "Don't tell people they're not good."

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