Thursday, December 9, 2010

Falling in love, Henri, we're not in Roanoke any more, Dad holds down the fort

1. My first kiss on our new granddaughter's head. Silky soft hair, pursed lips and furrowed brow as she studies me for the first time in her life.
2. I am struck by the amount of silk and extravagance in Nordstrom's lingerie department at the Raleigh shopping mall. In Roanoke we have mostly flannel and camouflage : )
3. Tess's account of dinner while I'm away reads as follows:

Dear Mom,
I just wanted to let you know that Dad's cooking is fine! Although yours is better, today we had fish sticks. So that Dad didn't have to wash any pans, he cooked on tin foil. We had fun standing up and eating off the island, and we ate our salad directly out of the salad bowl so we didn't have to do dishes (Although we did use our own forks) We also used plastic cups so we wouldn't have to wash those either.
We hope you're having fun with the little baby!
Love Tess


  1. Loved your daughter's note. How typical. Congrats on the new grandbaby, can anything smell or feel sweeter...I think not!

  2. Hurray for new baby. The best gift. And for dad and Tess making do!!!

  3. The note from Tess made me laugh! I may implement some of his techniques in my home! Give baby Mari a kiss for me. Love you!

  4. LOL... well, I say... from now on since it worked so well, you all eat standing up at the island eating a meal baked on throw-away tinfoil with the salad right out of the saladbowl - individual forks, ofcourse!