Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday lunch, Autumn stroll, Happy Halloween

1. Pork loin stuffed with figs, apricots, breadcrumbs, sage and garlic provided a very tasty lunch.
2. We took a walk down the back road on this perfect autumn day. Henri tugged the leash and sniffed everything, the 'kids' jumped on hay bales, and we commented on the beauty of golden mountains. Henri and I stuck to the road while the others cut through the woods and explored on the way home.
3. Fincastle's center square is filled with costumed children and families for the annual Halloween parade and Trick-or-Treat. Orange and yellow lights are strung across the streets, many homes are decorated and the entire town is festive. We watch from the sidewalk, laughing at clever costumes and cute children. I think- Norman Rockwell.

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  1. I've made pork loin three times in the last two weeks for some reason. Yours sounds delicious!