Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday forms itself as the day wears on

1. I worked more on reclaiming my garden from weeds. This morning it was the vegetable garden. All the while I kept thinking that now I am paying the price for letting the heat keep me out of the garden. I can see the dirt between the rows! After I left, the littlest birds were happy to come and clean up any bugs.
2. Friends call Steve for help because their air conditioner isn't working. Tess and I go along and we enjoy a long visit over tea. The guys found the broken part right away and will order it on Monday. The part is inexpensive, so all ends well and we've had a nice catching-up.
3. It's a beautiful, coolish evening as we drive home. We decide to turn off our air conditioner and sleep with the windows open.

*On a perplexing note- the teenage, male cashier at Food Lion didn't know what string beans are.(!!) I said, "Don't you eat your vegetables?" and he said, "I eat them cooked." Well, I didn't understand that because they look the same cooked or raw. Something is seriously wrong in our world when a boy doesn't know a green bean.

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