Friday, July 16, 2010

Not on the list, Buzz, Found some fun

1. Since I'm shopping at a new market, I've discovered exciting items that our old market didn't have. The downside is that I've forgotten the bananas.
2. I must be sitting under the flight path of the bees. Traffic is heavy as they zoom back and forth, non-stop, above my head.
3. A dull evening, too hot to sit outside so we get the Scrabble board. It's a good game with friendly teasing and his win by four points!


  1. I am curious as to the name of this new market.

  2. It's the new-to-me Kroger over on 460. I guess it's been there about a year or so. Nicer music, better baggers, larger selection, better produce...I could go on and on : )