Saturday, May 15, 2010

A wonderful day of gardening which makes me so happy.

1. The vegetable garden that was a blank, dirt canvas, is now shaped into rows and circles. The hand of math has been imposed upon it-- 2" deep, 1/2" of fine soil, 18" apart. Lovely!
2. Many years ago, my dad gave me a spool of string. It's a large spool that will probably not run out in my lifetime. I think of him when I use it and how, without words, he taught me to garden
3. Tearing open the paper envelope and pouring seeds into the palm of my hand. Smooth, shiny, white beans; long, sharp cosmos; bumpy, ruffled beets. I ponder the miracle that is packed into these tiny shapes.
4. I mow, he trims, together we admire the beauty of a garden in May.

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