Monday, April 26, 2010

Lost then found, Very big, very loud, very fun, A picnic

1. I am driver, Steve is navigator and in the back seat is our happy crew. Navigator's google map takes us out into the middle of nowhere, miles off course. Not to be deterred, we turn around and roll along for another 45 minutes. Suddenly, from the distance, we see black smoke billowing into the sky and hear rapid gunfire and know that we have arrived!
2. The AAF Tank Museum is a huge, impressive facility showing off thousands of weapons of minor destruction. I am all about peace, love, Woodstock, make-love-not-war. But this place left me in awe of what man will build. Being the happy people that we are, we had a really fun day.
3. Towels spread under the pines, lunch eaten outdoors, today feels like summer.

* We haven't "evolved" very far, really. A tank cannon is nothing more than a trebuchet and a flame thrower is not much different than Greek fire. Same man, same weapon, different method of delivery.

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