Saturday, January 2, 2010

Painted, Welcome home, The wood stove

I have somehow lost days...
1. The bedroom is painted! One coat of primer plus two coats of creamy, white paint on all baseboards, windows, doors and trim. Two coats of pretty "Crocus Petal" on the walls. The room is bright and as fresh as spring. Curtains are laundered, bedding is new and daughter #3 happily moves back in.
2. Steve and daughter #4 arrive home from their holiday in New York. It's commotion as they pull in, dogs bark and we scurry to welcome them home. I had forgotten how tall she was.
3. Steve builds a fire in the wood stove. We huddle near it and catch up on our week apart. The wind has been howling fiercely for days and the fire is comforting.