Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Weekend in Raleigh, NC

1. It's fun to set out on a road trip alone. I have no schedule to keep and I am responsible for only myself!
2. Claire cooks for me, I wash the dishes afterward.
3. When she drives me around in the little red convertible, my stomach feels like I am on an amusement park ride. I do love the feeling of my hair blowing every which way.
4. We shop and shop and shop. Raleigh has so many more stores than our sleepy, little Roanoke. I buy very little, but the possibilities are endless.
5. Claire, Daniel and I all work together on re-covering her dining room chairs. She cuts, I sew and Daniel recovers the buttons. We make a day of this.
6. An evening under the North Carolina sky. We walk into the woods to the amphitheater, find a spot on the lawn and listen to a great performance by Michael Feinstein and a big band perform songs from the 40's.
7. We've brought along a simple refreshment of wine to sip, but I love to watch other people with their portable tables, wine glasses and picnic accoutrement. It is a huge audience for so much people-watching and they are so clever in what they bring.
8. She gives me a Friday night tour of downtown Raleigh via convertible. The restaurants are bustling, sidewalk tables are packed and people walk and mill about. Beautiful old buildings are renovated and still in use. Claire's work place, a law firm, is a renovated creamery of interesting architecture. It's fun to see a town so alive at night. There is one store just for cupcakes and another just for popsicles. I really feel sheltered lately...

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