Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mother, Bunny Tag, Evening

1. A mother deer with her baby make regular appearances in the field. The baby's movements are animated and adorable. He runs circles around his mother and for a moment, this mother and I understand each other.
2. Two bunnies observe me as I mow the lawn. They dart after each other, play tag and pause every few minutes to watch me. Are they mocking me?, daring me?, waiting for me to leave so they can scamper on down to my garden? I guess they probably care nothing about me and I am an intruder on their fun.
3. We gather on the porch, one by one, after our day's work and usher it into the quiet of evening.


  1. Oh how I long for a front porch to gather on at the end of the day. It would be lovely . . .

  2. It's just an incidental little porch, but it turns into my favorite room in the warmer months.