Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chatting, Vineyard, Vandella

1. I accidentally stumble upon an online "chat" with Tess, daughter #4. I think myself so clever for doing this, I have never chatted before! I know millions of people do this every second of every day, but at this moment, I am the clever one.
2. An afternoon event at Blue Ridge Vineyard with wine tastings and live music. This vineyard has a big old restored barn with tables and chairs a magnificent view. Lots of people, friends to share a bottle with and B. brought food!
3. Driving home on back roads I spot a farm sign that reads, "Greek Acres". Why would someone give their farm that name, I wonder. And then J. politely tells me that he's pretty sure it said "Green Acres". Gosh! I only had 2 glasses of wine but I do like a good laugh at myself.
4. Audrey plays tag with Vandella in the field. It's fun to watch Audrey laugh and charge at the horse with no chance whatsoever of catching her. That horse is so beautiful when she gallops, tail raised and mane flying.

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  1. I love to chat with my children on line, but sadly hardly ever find any of them on anymore.