Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Babies, Another Baby, A Very Good Book

1. It's a quiet morning on the porch and suddenly the silence is broken by a chorus of baby house finches, newly hatched in their nest. We have been watching mom and dad finch for weeks, busying themselves with this nest hidden in the trumpet vine.
2. Another baby today! This one is a new foal at the barn where Audrey works, only 3 days old. The mom lets me pet its velvet coat. I run my hands over it's cute body and imagine how big it will be one day.
3. Everyone should read Three Cups of Tea.


  1. Newborns of most any kind are fascinating.

    I have no idea why something likes my soap, but I appreciate the tip, anyway.

  2. I have that book on my shelf, hope to get to it soon!